Gentle, soothing bubbles of sound…
Fink - Hard Believer

Gradually evolving from what was essentially Fin Greenall’s solo project into a fully fledged band, the past two years have witnessed a sea change in Fink’s fortunes.

2011 track ‘Warm Shadow’ was featured on AMC’s television adaptation of The Walking Dead, sparking a stateside frenzy which culminated with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon paying the group the ultimate homage by recording his own version.

Released following an amicable departure from previous label Ninja Tune, ‘Hard Believer’ finds Fink in their healthiest – and most independent – position yet. The title track opens the selection, a soothing delta blues stomp that finds Greenall meditating on a work song.

‘Green And The Blue’ has a pastoral edge, while ‘Pilgrim’ and ‘Two Days Later’ gracefully up the tempo alongside introducing flecks of the electronica that peppered Greenall’s youth.

A former DJ, each album from Fink is built more around retaining a mood than definitive, finely tuned material. As such, many songs on ‘Hard Believer’ stretch out beyond the five-minute mark – although lengthier moments such as ‘Pilgrim’ and ‘Shakespeare’ could arguably do with a trim.

Ultimately, ‘Hard Believer’ is a warm, inviting record. While at times lacking in lyrical insight, Fink’s ability to maintain an atmosphere, to build up gentle, soothing bubbles of sound, is largely unmatched.


Words: Robin Murray

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‘Hard Believer’ was previously awarded 3/10 in Clash magazine issue 96. The in-house editorial team felt, though, that this review was misrepresentative of the album, hence this new assessment.

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