Danish indie-poppers live in London

Too clever to accurately be described as pop, not pretentious enough to be labelled indie, Danish five-piece Figurines naturally exude the best elements of both, whilst clearly not caring which blanket term they get filed under.

The band have, of late, been picking up just the right amount of media attention from just the right sources, with numerous credible voices rightly singing their praises without creating a façade of irrepressible hype, allowing them to retain the benefits of an underground edge.

Though there is some older material covered, tonight’s performance is largely in support of wonderful new album (their third) ‘When The Deer Wore Blue’. As on record, their live set is full of lush harmonies punctuated by psychedelia and riffs that explore the best side of jangly surf guitar, all of which add up to a favourable comparison to the Beach Boys, albeit with a thoroughly 21st century air to proceedings.

Particular highlights include infectious upcoming single ‘Hey Girl’ and the delightful melodies of ‘Drove You Miles’, both of which showcase their ability to write perfectly catchy yet unobtrusive hooks. They finish with the subtle melancholia of ‘Good Old Friends’, a clever track to end on, again showing their precise understanding of how to present their music in a live context.

A hugely enjoyable and professional performance from a talented, intelligent band whose take on modern songwriting is so much better than nearly all of those who engage with similar material.

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