Criss-crossing in lo-fi and between human conditions…
FaltyDL - In The Wild

After 2013’s ‘Hardcourage’ ended up a smorgasbord, Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL knits this album closer together and successfully merges his variations north of the dancefloor at the same time.

A gentler, milder experience working with the thorns in its side, the baton in Lustman’s hand assigns everyone something to shake, ping or scrape when directing electronica that’s all springs and pulleys.

His watercolour house comes finished with anxiety, and understated footwork (‘Frontin’’), intelligent re-workings of jungle/hardcore breakbeats (‘Heart & Soul’, ‘Danger’), and lounge placed in a Ninja nutshell (‘Ahead The Ship Sleeps’), shows you the lengths he’s still prepared to go, criss-crossing in lo-fi and between human conditions.


Words: Matt Oliver

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