A bold, impressive debut.
Ex Libras - Suite(s)

Though recorded in a garden shed by a trio who met while working in Hounslow Borough Library, these mundane beginnings don’t readily set you up for Ex Libras’ debut album, ‘Suite(s)’.

The kindred spirits, however, have gelled their love of “alternative music with a groove” into a post-rock (or post-breakbeat as they’d have it) dynamic maelstrom of guitar, piano, drums and atmospherics. Underpinning their excursions with a solid core of melody gives their songs an immediacy, draw in the casual listener, and those moments when vocalist Amit Sharma breaks through are worth treasuring, his howls on closer ‘19:04’ recalling Matt Bellamy or Sigur Ros’ Jonsi.

A bold, impressive debut.


Words by Nick Annan

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