Erol Alkan

...defining and defying trends as he pleased

A child prodigy who owned his first stylus before he was old enough to reach the record counter, Erol Alkan has built up a formidable reputation as a DJ.

Founding the seminal Trash club, Alkan set about defining and defying trends as he pleased. Now ditching the Trash moniker, the DJ has begun to release records on his own Phantasy Sound imprint.

Dundee’s legendary Reading Rooms is a renowned den of iniquity, attracting those who want to look beautiful, outrageous and dance to the best sounds around. Erol’s kinda people, we think.

Carrying with him some of the hottest vinyl around, Erol proceeds to decimate the crowd with blistering electro. Hunched over the decks, the steam of concentration radiating from his head, the intensity of sound is clearly matched by the intensity of his concentration. With a light show that pierces the eyes and strums the back of the brain, an Erol show becomes an event of awesome physicality, the crowd rocking against the sweat covered walls.

Exhuasted, soaking, and with their hearing severely mangled, the crowd exit to the cool night, the stars above shining brightly. But the brightest star stood behind the decks.

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