Something magical and mystical...
Emilíana Torrini - Tookah

There’s something magical and mystical about ‘Tookah’, the sixth studio album from Iceland’s Emilíana Torrini.

A thread of electro runs through these nine tracks, introducing a whole new musical landscape to this singer’s stunningly beautiful songs.

‘Elisabet’ could be the soundtrack to an appearance by Bowie’s Goblin King, while ‘Caterpillar’ mixes minimal synths, lone handclaps and guitar with a melody so sweet it could knock a grown man to his knees.

‘Speed Of Dark’ (listen below) represents a fresh direction, leaning toward Bat For Lashes, but one that’s executed amazingly.

It’s no surprise that everything sounds so wonderful: Dan Carey, whose credits include Yeasayer, TOY and Chairlift, is at the helm. His excellent production wraps Emilíana’s voice in clouds of buzzes, swooshes and warm instrumentation.

Every track gives you something new and exciting, while holding tightly on to Emilíana’s flawless voice and melodies. 


Words: Gemma Hampson

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