A gnomic, genre-busting album
Past Life Martyred Saints

A tableau of longing, revolt, and apocryphal journeys, ‘Past Life Martyred Saints’ will leave you bewitched and bewildered. Former member of the LA noise-folk duo, Gowns, Erika M. Anderson’s eerie vocals rise from bleached-out instrumentals like an epiphany.

Opening track ‘Grey Ship’ is the jewel in the crown - an ode to EMA’s Nordic ancestry whose war strains slow-burn to a climax. ‘Milkman’ and the iconoclastic ‘California’ cut a more robust shape, while love song ‘Marked’ explores our desire for lasting testaments - a familiar feeling on this gossamer, audio voyage. This is labour intensive listening, but hard work reaps rewards. A gnomic, genre-busting album.



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