An attempt at reinvention that falls flat...

Editors have long been embroiled in the all-too-familiar battle for self-reinvention, never really managing to live up to the success of a genuinely superb debut.

And while pre-release promises of brutality and collaboration with drone veteran Blanck Mass raised hopes for an intriguing new direction on 'Violence', the potential is frustratingly unrealised.

Rather than a coherent and recognisable new sound, it seems as though all manner of ideas are being thrown at the wall to see what sticks. Some of it is genuinely good – the driving pulse of the title track, the moodily atmospheric first half of ‘Counting Spooks’, and even the scuzzy guitar sounds on ‘Magazine’ all offering a glimpse of the sonic avenues that could be explored. But these moments are all too fleeting, and what remains is unfortunately pretty uninspiring.


Words: James Kilpin

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