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Editors - The Weight Of Your Love

Even the most blindly loyal fans don’t really want their favourite bands to stand still. They have to take risks to remain relevant, to remain essential. Otherwise 'The Weight Of Your Love' can happen.

While the frenetic convulsions of Editors’ debut LP, 2005’s ‘The Back Room’ were demonstrative of a band aiming to outstrip its influences, eight years and several backwards steps later, these songs are so intimately intertwined with what has inspired them that it makes for curiously repulsive listening.

U2, R.E.M., Simple Minds and the Bunnymen are the first names to come to mind when listening to anemically anthemic, MOR-by-numbers material like this fourth album’s lead single, ‘A Ton Of Love’. The band even deploys a cocking sax in there, at the end.

The point where Snow Patrol tried to prove they hadn’t lost their ability to ‘rock’, despite their pact with the ballad-based-compilation-album devil, is evoked perfectly by the piss-weak ‘Formaldehyde’. ‘What Is This Thing Called Love’, meanwhile, genuinely sounds like a stab at writing this year's X Factor winner’s single.

Yes, many of these songs do initially seem quite pretty, and they don't lack melodies. But the whole exercise seems so carefully crafted and desperately needy that any joy found within ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ wears off the more you play it. 


Words: Gareth James

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