Breezy, uplifting melodics on the Leicester crew's debut album...

Leicester is – as easy life freely admit – a long old way from the beach. With the past 12 months keeping most of us cooped us inside, the beach must’ve seemed a very long way indeed from easy ife's rehearsal room.

Perhaps that’s why it crops up so frequently as a metaphor on their excellent, gleefully uplifting debut album. Following on from last year’s mixtape, ‘life’s a beach’ is all hazy sonics, lyrical daydreams, and finding the courage to locate a forward path – it’s this summer’s feelgood listen, and it’s worth every grain of sand that gets trapped in your socks.

Opening with the optimistic self-positive anthem ‘a message to myself’, the record segues into ‘have a great day’ with its lush, Hawaiian guitar feels, and rolling Californian harmonies. ‘daydreams’ locks into their admiration for hip-hop, with its gentle sway fuelled by mid-afternoon cans and a distant paramour.

Yet ‘life’s a beach’ isn’t afraid to hone in on the darkness. ‘nightmares’ and ‘homesickness’ have their fair share of self-doubt and fatigue, but easy life manage to find light amid the shade – they’re not rejected or supressing life’s more negative aspects, it’s just that they keep positivity in mind. - It’s this fixation that makes the high points kick all the more harder. Half-spoken ‘living strange’ feels like a live anthem in waiting – and gigs will return, we know that – while ‘lifeboat’ is a super-cute slice of distorted DIY pop.

An ultra-snappy affair – 12 songs, one of which is an interlude – the tide goes out on easy life’s debut album with the dulcet ‘music to walk home to’ and it’s neat combination of Nile Rodgers esque guitar and Mike Skinner style vocals.

A refreshing and natural exposition of their musical buoyancy, ‘life’s a beach’ is the perfect summation of easy life’s outsider charms. A record you’re sure to fall hopelessly in love with, its immediacy taps into the endless zen of those long summer days.


Words: Robin Murray

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