Eades – Delusion Spree

A promising debut album...

It’s often said that a debut album is an introduction- a formal greeting that introduces listeners to the artists’ chosen sound. However, Leeds-based outfit EADES style is so distinctive, that it establishes the band's persona upon the very first listen. Their melding of art-rock, new-wave and retro punk jumps out almost instantly upon discovery, combining blissful electronic motifs and pensive lyrics to build a unique sonic endeavor. So, we may think we know what we’re getting into with the group's debut album, ‘Delusion Spree’. But true to the band's in-your-face style the offering provides a new-found impetus, including enough surprises to excite and elevate.

Each track in the album foundational elements previously heard in the group's sound. Riotous guitar licks and the post-punk vocals rears its head on multiple tracks, perhaps best used in ‘Former Warning Cluster’, the true stomper of the work. It makes for a seamless flow across the runtime, with each track almost dissolving into one another. But don’t be fooled by the unwavering cohesion- the album still manages to include unexpected additions, which make for glorious highlights. Even throughout all the noise, the jumping bassline on ‘Staying Forever’ is practically one to sink into, grounding the track in a funk-inspired groove that works alongside the track's riotous leanings. ‘Parachute Games’ tempo change allows for a complete reinvention of the track mid-way through, escalated by the spoken-word lyricism and rising guitar licks that guide the record along.

So in a way, ‘Delusion Spree’ is exactly what you may expect; a collection of jumpy, hype-filled tracks that leaves enough room for serious subject matters to take the limelight. But it’s the added adornments, and the lingering unpredictability that makes ‘Delusion Spree’ stands out as a true work of art. Thanks to its ability to work variety into its coherence, this album proves that we are only just beginning to see what who EADES truly are. Let’s hope they continue to catch us left-field.


Words: Lily Blakeney-Edwards

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