Hyper-futurism made easy

The latest digi-funk era, an attack on neo-soul from a Jetsons-designed bachelor pad, is the sometimes scratchy one and Rinse FM breakfast show presenter smoothing R&B into a dubstep-digested form of broken beat. One worming 8-bit banger ‘Polyphonic Dreams’ apart, Leon Smart’s wavy walls of sound tinge white noise with a comfortingly green radioactivity. ‘Just Vybe’ featuring Fatima is a spunky club tussle, Cornelia plays with the title track with Björk-ish friskiness and ‘Why You Do’ holds a great Winehouse-like script flip from A.L. Though he gets caught wearing crushed velvet on ‘The Big 5ive’ and then over-blows the climax, the songwriting and hyper-futurism made easy are a case of Smart by name...


Words by Matt Oliver

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