Dum Dum Girls – Too True

Glossy introspection and dark pop…

Thanks to Dum Dum Girls, we finally have a soundtrack to Clash’s ‘80s fan fiction involving Ryan Gosling’s character from Drive being sent to after-school detention with the assorted misfits of The Breakfast Club.

Brilliantly described by singer Dee Dee Penny as her best attempt at “chasing pop into the dark”, ‘Too True’ shines with a focused knack for glossy introspection not far from Suede, or even earlier Madonna

Urgently synthetic snares pulse on album anchor ‘Too True To Be Good’, as Dee Dee laments on the societal pitfalls of forthright honesty. Interestingly, the album itself isn't “too true” – rather, it’s just true enough.


Words: Trace William Cowen

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