A wealth of contemporary ambient dub

This CD and DVD package side-steps many of the staples of the Dub diet.

There’s no King Tubby, no Sly and Robbie and no Scientist, but there is a wealth of contemporary ambient dub to feast your ears on. Ranging from pioneers of the French Dub scene, Improvisators Dub, through to the latter day work of legendary fruitcake Lee Scratch Perry, if you like your dub with the occasional scattering of blips, beeps and brass, all stewed in reverb so thick you could swim through it, the CD is perfect.

But the DVD is not such a success. It’s a cheap documentary, which makes a half-arsed attempt at cutting edge split-screen editing, but gives absolutely no insight into the social context of what is one of the influential genes ever. I tried to watch it through and fell asleep towards the end every time, although I do have a very comfy sofa.

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