Dog Unit – At Home

Inventive interplay that melts post-rock musicality with club tropes...

Coming in with their latest release electronic band Dog Unit have brought us ‘At Home’ – a very lo-fi debut album, with a mature and well-developed sound that has a distinct identity and abundant confidence. 

To the listener’s ear, Dog Unit have a very strong and at times almost ambient sound that I feel is a bit reminiscent of Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ arc, especially on the opening track ‘Concrete Barges on the Banks of the Thames’.

Following this, second song ‘Lab Coats’ notably makes use of an omnichord played by Sam Walton which is quite a rare thing to hear in the current landscape – a clever, creative gesture, and for me a close contender to my second favourite track on the album.

The third and fourth tracks ‘Why Do Start Fighting’ and ‘We Can Still Win This’, both build to a more mainstream sound without sacrificing the originality. Following this, ‘In A Magic World, Then Yes’ has a more melodic tone compared to its predecessors, which adds to the lo-fi flavour of the album.

But my favourite out of the whole album would have to be their sixth track ‘John X Kennedy’ which delivers (to this listener’s ear) a clean retro late 60s element to it, with a light synthesiser and clean stripped back guitar that won me over. 

‘Consistent Effort’ features Dog Unit’s stripped-back guitar playing and the slow, smooth bass sounds effortless (no pun intended) which makes sure it flows smoothly. The same thing can be said about the impeccable drumming which picks up mid-track, and gives it a more driving and raw insistent sound which is similar to ‘Why Do Start Fighting’.

Final track ‘The Dogs Are Barking Again’ brings the album to a very melodic close which starts off with a gentle touch but in the middle gives it a very psychedelic feel with the repetitive guitar riff that reminds me a bit of ‘Paranoia Pt 1’ by Hawkwind from their ‘Roadhawks’ album before slowly going back to theatlight melodic tone again.

Overall I really enjoyed this album. I feel I can detect influences from other bands within these tracks, whilst having a definite stamp of originality to them, a factor that bodes well for more releases from Dog Unit in the future.


Words: Jack Wilkie

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