DMA’s – How Many Dreams?

An ambitious, expansive and an intoxicating return for the Australian three-piece...

Aussie trio DMA’s are bringing the ‘feel-good’ factor at a time when we need it the most with ‘How Many Dreams?’ their most ambitious and well-rounded album to date.

Their impeccably-crafted highly anticipated fourth album weaves in feelings of elation, hope, carefree abandon and celebration that is reflected throughout the twelve tracks which includes the lead singles ‘Olympia’, ‘I Don’t Need To Hide’, ‘Fading Like A Picture’ as well as the ‘Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend’ which encourages us to let go of the things that bring us down and look for the positive. As singer Tommy O’Dell advocates: :You just might find something to believe in…”

The eponymous opening track is a cacophony of synths, fuzzy guitars which infinitely encapsulates the positive vibes of this album. Everything is served ‘sunny side up’ throughout the album. The energetic and infectious nostalgic guitar riffs that are synonymous with the DMA’s are still there in abundance, but they sit alongside an expansive sonic palette which showcases influences as far-reaching as Groove Armada, The Prodigy and even some classic Motown.

There’s an increase of electronic dance-inspired beats for the band that first came into play on their last album 2020’s ‘The Glow’. Since that sonic shift, the DMA’s have weaved in a greater degree of electronic dance elements into their music,but made it more rounded and heavier with a sound that is reminiscent of The Prodigy. The DMA’s rock and roll roots are still in abundance, but their sonic approach has evolved into a more electronica/dance vibe.

As well as the euphoric dance-floor fillers, there’s also a few beautiful moments of tenderness and reflection on tracks like ‘Dear Future’ which is a beautiful ballad which talks of the band’s frustration with the nation with lines like “I’m singing through the pain… the country’s still a joke.”

This emotion is also evident on the sublime ‘I Don’t Need To Hide’, a track that talks of how unconditional love can empower you ‘In love, it’s enough’. This beautiful track fuses shimmering synthy-electronics with pulsating guitars showcases Tommy O’Dell’s stunning vocals effortlessly.

The band go back to their indie-rock roots with ‘Olympia’ with its pulsating guitar riffs and sweeping melodies. However, this nostalgic sound which has an evident  nod to the past, also feels fresh and contemporary which is also evident on  ‘Something We’re Overcoming’ – a dance-inspired festival anthem is reminiscent of the 90’s rave scene and on ‘‘De Carle’ which is full on indie-disco meets experimental electronica.

‘How Many Dreams?’ feels like the album that the DMA’s have been waiting to release and it seems to be a representation of not just who the band are right now, but how indicative of how far they have come musically. It’s chock-full of festival-ready synth-laden tracks with hedonistic electronic flourishes that signal a new era and an evolved sound for the trio.


Words: Emma Harrison

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