His full production debut

“Enter” is DJ Kentaro’s full production debut and it follows his “On the Wheels of Steel Mix” that announced his arrival as an international artist. It boasts an impressive also-featuring list that includes The Pharcyde, Spank Rock, New Flesh, Little Tempo, Hifana and Fat John.

At times the album bears the hallmark of a former DMC mix champion in that it feels just that bit busy. However, there are some great moments when less proves that little bit more. “Tasogare Highway” is a laid-back jazz groove phattened up with lovely acid squelches and “One Hand Blizzard” is a tempo-changing drum’n’bass gem that could have done with being longer. All in all, “Enter” is a promising debut with real highlights. Its wide ranging sound-thievery is difficult to dislike and proves Kentaro as a potentially great producer as well as DJ.

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