A stark yet cheerful achievement in glitch-pop...
'Lamp Lit Prose'

Gorgeously eccentric and cogently mismatched, Dirty Projectors’ eighth album ‘Lamp Lit Prose’ is an achievement in glitch-pop. Decades after dial-up left the mainstream sonic atmosphere, David Longstreth’s experimental collective brings the prior strength of the project into its newest incarnation.

The return of guitars to Dirty Projectors’ lineup brings a dimension of reality to the record, while maintaining the bizarre futurism clear throughout its ten songs. There is a stylistic evolution at work here; a renaissance of hope, humility, and happiness. Through mosaic production and multifaceted guests, Longstreth’s enigmatic and effluvient effort is a monumentally optimistic record - nothing short of ecstatic.

Entangled with Americana and soul, the happiness of ‘Lamp Lit Prose’ converses with musical periods long gone. Trends that have influenced modern music are conversed with; the dialogue between times gone by and times yet to come is astounding. Nothing sounds like anything that precedes it, and nothing sounds like anything that is on the horizon.

‘Lamp Lit Prose’ simultaneously synchronises climates from the past, present, and future, amalgamating on a record that is proudly cheerful. Everything feels so much more alive, everything so much more stark; Longstreth seems to have emerged from a year-long slumber, and there is no more sleeping in sight.


Words: Erin Bashford

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