A worthy successor to past glories

The disappointment of the Babyshambles, er, shambles left people thinking that the post-Libertines careers of its creative minds may be little more than the anti-climax after a good party.

But if you’re expecting a similar patchy affair from Messrs Barat and co, you’d be damn wrong. His new band combine to make a worthy successor to past glories while also carving out an engagingly bright future for their own. Loose, raw and spattered with glitches, ‘Waterloo To Anywhere’ feels natural and organic but burns with a raging fire in its heart. Themes of betrayal, insecurity, passion and pride dominate and the pace is cut-throat throughout. Obvious hits ‘Deadwood’ and ‘Bang Bang You’re Dead’ nest with the biting ‘Gin & Milk’ - in which Carl rants “No one gives a fuck about the values I would die for – and the romping ‘If You Love A Woman’. Brilliantly savage and wickedly ragged, the Things could well prove a force to be reckoned with.

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