The audacious new voice of the North
Detroit Social Club – Existence

There hasn’t been much to shout about up North recently. Critics' tip; Let's Buy Happiness, are pregnant with promise but it's still far too early to judge, The Futureheads recent offering (as good as it was) fluttered by seemingly unnoticed and Maximo Park are muted. Cometh the hour, cometh the hairy geordie: David Burn, as inspiring as he is completely convinced of his own ability.

Detroit Social Club are the audacious new voice of the North. Their debut album, ‘Existence’, is a bold marriage of ravaged blues/country influences and their own grinding stomp-rock sound. ‘Northern Man’ is the closest one can come to Ashcroft without becoming poor imitation, whilst ‘Silver’ and ‘Rivers & Rainbows’ tip each end of the album’s spectrum from glorious optimism to booming drama.


Words by Joe Zadeh

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