A fun, if somewhat formulaic, start to the decade
Delphic - Acolyte

Primarily recorded in Berlin, the Manchester trio’s accessible debut delivers both juddering techno and contagious electro-pop, while never allowing themselves to stray from their robust indie footsteps.

In pilfering the last thirty years of electronic music, Delphic have just about elevated their sound to more than the sum of their influences. ‘Acolyte’ has some inventive moments as demonstrated on the nine-minute title track, which rages as a progressive house leviathan, billowing with Krautrock control. Unashamed pop glory lies within the breakbeat of ‘Doubt’ and the relentless ‘Halcyon’, rendering comparisons with fellow citizens New Order both lazy and misleading.

‘Acolyte’ may infuriate dance purists with its naive inflections but for more pop orientated people it’s a fun, if somewhat formulaic start to the decade.


Words by John Freeman


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