Deerhunter – Monomania

As unconventional as ever, this new set furthers the band's reputation...

This sixth set from the Bradford Cox-fronted, Atlanta-formed band Deerhunter further refines their ambient-punk sound.

The five-piece exerts a cosmopolitan noise that raids across genres at will. It can, at times, leave the listener uneasy; but throughout these musicians display a clear level of aptitude.

Despite drafting in a third guitarist – or perhaps because of – there remains clarity within the frenzied arrangements, and something of an earthy passion comes through on songs like ‘Pensacola’.

That punk foundation provides a suitable fulcrum upon which to seesaw stylistically: ‘Monomania’ explores psychedelia, Americana and even catches a scent of avant-garde.

As unconventional in approach as ever, the set extrapolates from their previous ventures and results in a confident and competent continuation of established qualities.


Words: TC

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