A master-class of pulsating euphoric electronica
Death In Vegas - Trans-Love Energies

Pioneering efforts that fused electro, rock, psychedelia and soul saw Death In Vegas (AKA Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes) elevated to UK dance royalty in the ’90s. ‘Trans-Love Energies’ gloriously marks the end of a seven-year hiatus in the dance wilderness. Launching out of his comfort zone behind the decks - on several tracks, Fearless bypasses the guest vocalist - succumbing to the vocal booth; ‘Black Hole’ proves to be a Bowie-esque triumph. Employed elsewhere are the operatic flavours of Austra’s Kate Stelmanis; truly intoxicating. ‘Trans-Love Energies’ is a master-class of pulsating euphoric electronica from one of the dance fraternity’s true pioneers.



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