Country mixed with unpredictable ambient samples...
Daughn Gibson - Me Moan

It’s not very often you hear country made cool. Cue, Daughn Gibson.

The ex-trucker with the deep baritone of Johnny Cash has already convinced us we are dealing with a man, not a boy.

Gibson blends traditional (American) country with experimental electronica in an effortlessly cool fashion. Opening single, ‘The Sound Of Law’ is fast-paced and dynamic, its lyrics and bullet-like snare coming in simultaneously after some mysterious strings.

This enigmatic mood is continued through ‘Phantom Rider’, and we move into an immersive Portishead-like soundscape. Guitars cascade into pools of water in the psychedelic ‘The Pisgee Nest’, and cowboys ride bareback through twanging guitars and stomping beats in ‘Kissin On The Blacktop’. 

There are moments of classic country mixed with unpredictable ambient samples – some of which seem completely absurd (check out the bagpipes in ‘Mad Ocean’). Yet it all kind of works.

If you stand back and appreciate the whole, like a Monet, you will be delighted and intrigued.

Words: Sarah McRuvie


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