The start of something intriguing from the Scandi-pop project...
'Das Body' EP

Staking out their musical territory, Das Body’s debut EP is an alluring taste of Scandi-pop with a twist. With sugar sweet vocals and 80’s tinged melodies, the initial feeling might be a familiar one. However, moving past the surface recognition is a sense of something much more intriguing and massive.

The EP seems to enter a dual state between daydream and confrontation, capturing a conflicting yet tantalising sound. ‘Know My Name’ builds into a dreamlike haze of hope and heart ache, whilst ‘The Trap’ close off with haunting whispers and a lingering sense of mystery.

Das Body build on a tension between simplistic beats and melty moments all framed with an afterthought of melancholy, and guided by Ellie Linden’s swaying vocals. Still shaping their own sound, the Oslo quartet manage to balance out a sense of colourful continuation with sparkling elements of surprise and interesting tweaks.

All in all the EP is rooms so much in just four tracks and yet it is hopefully just the tiny beginning of something much bigger for Das Body.


Words: Aurora Henni Krogh

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