A full-bodied masterwork…
Damien Jurado - Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son

Eleven albums into a career that has seen a gradual but charming evolution in his sound – largely folky, singer-songwriter material bedecked with his haunted croak – Damien Jurado delivers his full-bodied masterwork.

Having begun working with label mate Richard Swift on 2012’s ‘Maraqopa’, the alchemical relationship truly fizzles here, adding a heft that nobody knew was missing.

The spacious production on track six of 10, ‘Silver Donna’, coated in reverb and ramshackle drums, is a delight. Elsewhere, the claustrophobic drone of ‘Return To Maraqopa’ gives way to a glistening chorus.

While Jurado’s music has, on occasion, seemed a little slight, this is an endearingly ambitious, somewhat unexpected folk-rock triumph.


Words: Gareth James

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'Silver Timothy'

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