8-bit missions, jazz redrafts and Morse code exchanges...
Daedelus - Drown Out

Electronic harlequin Alfred Darlington swaps the dapper threads of the frequently ravishing hyper lounge ‘Bespoke’ for a new season of elegant dysfunction with his new album as Daedelus, ‘Drown Out’.

A wardrobe of synthetic materials on a hot and cold wash keeps him looking and sounding sharp, partnered by a darker, sometimes chafing balaclava covering chillwave/maximalist ideas and deconstructions, 8-bit missions, jazz redrafts and Morse code exchanges.

It’s a declaration that cocktail hour is officially over, having also ditched any collaborations for this knotted beat scene bow, while still able to rise up in glory like sun pouring through a stained glass window (‘Tiptoes’) and sport the luminosity of a screwball gent just when you think the batteries are fading.  


Words: Matt Oliver

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