Cut Copy

Cut Copy’s five step formula to Fabric Success

Straight from the dancers tongue, FABRIC is the pinnacle cesspool of the London underground nightclub scene, with it’s fair share of dodgy business men and wobbly patrons, which prompted a little hesitation to sink below it’s street-level entrance to see electro outfit Cut Copy.

And indeed, first and foremost one might think it an unusual choice of venue for a band that is so heavily associated with such gentle Sunday afternoon breeze-pop music.

Though with literally thousands of ravers piling out the front for the sold out night, the Friday night gurn-house proved a hot ticket to have, and headliners Cut Copy banged out a 40 minute set that had every mans shoe smashing the crusty floor below. The set began with So Haunted a Pet Shop Boy’s-esque nostalgic spasm, trickled in gutsy synths, and beaten violently with a bass stick. This synth dribbled very heavily at times though the entire set which both Dan Whitford, the bands sunken-in, disco incarnation of Ian Brown and Tim Hoey, his hyper, Luke Skywalker with a guitar impersonating, side kick mastered. Though, by mid set it was apparent that the hand-slap gang had learnt much from their previous experience in this party-pit (the band released Fabric Live 29 in 2006, a unsatisfying tease within the two year break between albums), and successfully moulded each song, both new and old, into one glorified live formula.

Cut Copy’s five step formula to Fabric Success

1. Start
2. Build-up
3. Peak
5. End song

And yet, despite this, That was just a Dream followed by Saturday’s soothed any anxiety that may have been felt by fans from the absence of such a great live party band, with most left blissfully unaware of (arguably) offensive use of backing tracks. But then, who really cares, it was Friday night, the Cutter boys were back and it’s as close to seeing New Order, without actually seeing New Order, that you are ever going to get. Even in FABRIC, Cut Copy were bangin’.

(*sadly, this was the substitute for the ever so sweet bridge in Saturday’s.)

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