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Cut Copy - Free Your Mind

Having created an irresistible glamourama of sunny, hook-laden disco on their previous record, 2011’s ‘Zonoscope’ (Clash review), Australian dance music historians Cut Copy draw from ’90s UK house and rave for inspiration on follow-up LP ‘Free Your Mind’.

The piano breaks, pulsating synth lines and skewered vocal samples on both ‘Footsteps’ and the title track (video below) will thrill retro-dance music enthusiasts. Elsewhere, the tuneful ‘Dark Corners & Mountain Tops’ and ‘Walking In The Sky’ further the foursome’s forays into more indie-rock territories – the places they’ve previously only tiptoed towards.

Perhaps less instantly gratifying than the shimmering ‘Zonoscope’, ‘Free Your Mind’ is nevertheless a great time that provides additional rewards for those willing to disentangle its layered arrangements.


Words: Dean Van Nguyen

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Listen to ‘Free Your Mind’ in full via Deezer, below…


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