Pachabel as sung by Martians

Cut Chemist is famous for being DJ for Jurassic 5, an act so fresh when they came out I didn’t know anyone who didn’t like them.

He is also DJ for Latin festival favourites Ozomatli, but this is his debut album. Whilst he’s down with the underground hip-hop fraternity, he also knows how to construct an upbeat tune that poppier fans can dig. It takes 4 tracks to grow out of a predictable yet accessible sound with spoken word samples and into some more esoteric sounds that can be enjoyed by all. ‘What’s The Altitude’ sounds as current as any of the upcoming Shadow stuff. ‘Metrorail Thru Space’ is next-level shit with a choir from Mars singing from a manuscript written by Pachabel. Other producers from an Alt.rap background like Gnarls Barkley may be riding high in the charts, and whilst this may not have a killer single for your teeny boppers to latch onto, it is a more rewarding body of work that will stand the test of time.

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