Consider this amongst 2013’s most accomplished debut efforts...
Cloud Boat - Book Of Hours

Blending indie folk with murky electronica, Cloud Boat’s Sam Ricketts and Tom Clarke have successfully melded an unlikely hybrid of ethereal guitar lines, shuffling beats and sweeping melodies.

‘Book Of Hours’ is pitch black from front to back, with Clarke’s trembling falsetto resonating on eerie ballads like ‘Drean’ and ‘Godhead’, while the grimy dub of ‘Amber Road’ and post-club garage number ‘Lions On The Beach’ bring more muscular orchestration to the expertly crafted set.

But despite drawing from a variety of genres, ‘Book Of Hours’ is remarkably concise, tied together by Cloud Boat’s focused eye for detail and a chilly but soulful atmosphere that echoes throughout.

Consider this amongst 2013’s most accomplished debut efforts. 


Words: Dean Van Nguyen

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