Intelligent synth-pop bubbling with humanity
Clock Opera - Ways To Forget

Producer/remixer Guy Connelly has spent that last couple of years refining his self-styled ‘chop-pop’ sound. Now beefed up to a four-piece, his Clock Opera project’s debut album is a pulsing swirl of baroque synths and shape-shifting drum patterns, while Connelly’s versatile vocal style can take the glorious ‘Belongings’ from its pitter-patter ballad opening to a surging, frothing finale. The detailing is exquisite; ‘A Piece of String’ leaps and lurches without losing any emotive power, while the magnificent ‘The Lost Buoys’ tips a nod to prime-time Billy Mckenzie. ‘Ways To Forget’ is a bar-raiser - an album of intelligent synth-pop bubbling with humanity.


Words by John Freeman

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