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Compellingly fresh rap fare from future-facing LA trio…

It’s only so often that a hip-hop group comes along with something that could be described as truly unique. This is a testament to LA trio clipping., who can legitimately boast an original sound.

Before fingers leave play buttons, ears are subjected to rapper Daveed Diggs spitting rapid-fire over a single high-pitched note that listeners of a certain age won’t even be able to register.

It’s clear that the compositions that form ‘CLPPNG’, courtesy of William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes, aren’t there to make us feel comfortable, although between the challenges we are let in on some moments of familiarity.

‘CLPPNG’ sounds like futuristic rap music, from a group that has stumbled upon a hip-hop time capsule that they’ve become obsessed with. Unlike a lot of today’s more avant-garde acts, you’d never catch clipping. with the clichéd ‘I don’t even listen to rap’ interview response.

While it aims to push boundaries, ‘CLPPNG’ does so in a way that demonstrates a love for the music and culture that forms its source material. Diggs talks about club culture, twerking, “getting your eagle on”, hipsters in Young Jeezy T-shirts, and he makes references to Clipse and Biggie, but never in a way that you’ve heard before.


Words: Grant Brydon

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