A manifestation of their undoubted potential...

‘GOLD’, the debut release for Saddest Factory Records, saw Claud set a precedent that will be hard to follow, for both the label and their album; ‘Super Monster’. The single sees Claud battling opposites and trying to maneuver a relationship with someone when they’re “afraid it’s not working.” Their internalised monologue battles optimism with pragmatism as they face a relationship’s inevitable incompatibility and the trials and tribulations that come with such experiences.

And whilst ‘Super Monster’ had a lot to live up to, it entered the battlefield with unwavering confidence as a complete concept; avoiding the risk of being a flippant debut and instead standing concrete thanks to Claud’s clear vision.

Following a relationship through it’s natural ebb and flow, the development of the protagonist (clearly Claud) and the album’s muse mirrors their growth as an artist. With the debut not only demonstrating with confidence that they have every right to be backed by such a newsworthy label, but also being a manifestation of the potential they hold as an artist.

Avoiding easy cliches that exist in this universal experience, Claud brings humour and light to what could have easily been a reproduction of any Adele album. With ‘That’s Mr. Bitch To You ft, Melanie Faye’ having us laughing with each listen of “I bet your momma said you were the shit”, because we know the exact person Claud is dealing with, we’ve dealt with them too.


Words: Megan Walder

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