Protest-rock from a Super Furry Animal flying solo...
Cian Ciaran - They Are Nothing Without Us

This second solo album from Cian Ciaran, the keyboardist in Super Furry Animals, largely takes the approach of a protest-rock record.

The track ‘Sewn Up’ (video below) sings of the sort of rebellion that stirs memories of the Furries’ own anthem to objection, ‘The Man Don’t Give A F*ck’.

Naturally, there are further parallels to Ciaran’s ‘day job’, the strangely underrated psychedelic rock of the SFA. He balances heaviness with more ambient aspects, into which the listener can easily sink, in a manner comparable to the Super ‘Phantom Power’ LP of 2003.

‘No More’ is the most affecting moment amongst these 13 tracks. It’s a deeply personal account of how its maker has been stirred by the impact of Western hegemony, expressing a profound sense on injustice through his exceptional instrumentation and lyricism.

‘They Are Nothing Without Us’ is a set of substance and bite, its core conceptual discomfort something that any listener can likely relate to, sharing with Ciaran his feelings on the state of the world around us.


Words: Cai Trefor

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