A band that changed everything.

It’s inauspicious to say the least, that a documentary charting the rise and fall of the Sex Pistols has little or no involvement whatsoever from its principle subjects.

This is to say that in spite of Glen Matlock’s minor involvement (the Pistol that fired blanks), the re-telling of this bands story is left to mostly to Dave Goodman and former manager Malcolm McClaren.

While there are some moments of general interest, this offers so little in the way of insightful perspective. With next to no background info on the socio-political environment that spawned this movement, this for the most part is an opportunity for McClaren to talk insipidly at length, very much like Thora Hird in an Alan Bennett play.

John Lydon’s excellent Rotten: No, Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs or Julien Temple’s superlative documentary The Filth & The Fury offer a great deal more insight. Seek the latter titles for a first hand account of a band that changed everything.

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