cavetown – worm food

A true gift from the DIY talent...

cavetown, aka Robin Skinner, returns with his latest full-length album, ‘worm food’. Dubbed his “most elaborately realised body of work to date”, ‘worm food’ speaks to stripped-back vulnerabilities through intricate and delicate storytelling – addressing love, growth and self-realisation. His unassuming personality shines through lush idyllic soundscapes and standout lyricism, unwavering throughout each track on the record. Endlessly endearing in its playfulness, these songs are nothing short of masterful experimentation and thoughtful creativity. 

New ways of loving, old ways of loving, and the ways of loving we should have known long ago, Skinner expands on feelings of self-assurance and intimacy in ‘worm food’. Empowering his fans to embrace authentic emotion, his music never fails to provide a glittering escape for whomever may seek it. Most admirably, the album comes alongside his announcement of the This Is Home Project, a foundation that will donate to various organisations in order to support LGBTQ+ youth. 

With shimmering progressions, clean-cut production and definitive cavetown-style synths, each track ignites a closeness. Skinner’s intricacy is truly original, and his lyricism posits itself at the heart of honest storytelling. Mellow acoustic guitars form the foundations for Skinner’s sparkling production, topped with enchanting lyricism. Record opener and titular track ‘worm food’ encapsulates the idea that things are never as overwhelming as they may seem, setting the theme for the rest of the album. 

cavetown – worm food

Crashing post-punk electric guitar invites a happy-go-lucky atmosphere while invoking Skinner’s pensive thoughts. Balancing idiosyncratic synthesisers with unique sonic arrangements, he whisks us away into his mindscape as he wears his heart unabashedly on his sleeve. Musically, he brings the unexpected to the forefront, with quirky vocal effects to string arrangements in ‘laundry day’ that brings the album to a close.  

Once again taking the name ‘DIY artist’ to brand new heights, cavetown brings a fresh set of eyes to relatable candid emotion. Like most of his existing discography, Skinner produced the entirety of ‘wormfood’ from his home studio in Cambridge. With guest collaborators beabadoobee, Vic Fuentes and Chloe Moriondo credited on the record, cavetown once again embraces the greatest inclusivity and community through his work. 

Disarming, raw sincerity marks the discography of cavetown, but ‘worm food’ certainly takes this to new depths. From understated bedroom pop to innovative troubadour, Skinner’s new record is truly a gift. 


Words: Rachel Min Leong

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