Woody Allen strikes a bum note

Woody Allen’s London love affair continues unabated with this, his third consecutive outing in the capital. Trouble is, like Leicester Square on a Saturday night, Cassandra’s Dream is a proper stinker.

The uninspiring plot follows two wide-boy brothers (Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor, both acting in a daze) in their shambolic attempts to sort out their financial and romantic woes, aided by a bored looking Tom Wilkinson as their crooked rich uncle. His help comes at a price however and soon the pair are in all sorts of trouble…

From the two leads’ dodgy Landahn accents to the tortuous use of metaphor and allusions to Greek tragedy, this is Allen at his worst. The script is weak and just isn’t funny. From a man who was once quite rightly regarded as a comedy genius this just ain’t on.

Unlike the saxophone he plays so proficiently, with Cassandra’s Dream, Woody has hit a bum note.

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