Caspa & Rusko – Fabric

The duo proving their mixing credentials

Although Dubstep has long proved itself a forward thinking genre, defying critics that berate its ‘monotony’ (The Bug, Pinch, Benga and Kode 9), Fabric’s latest foray is strictly club bound, possibly representing the constraints that dubstep’s starting to inch itself away from.

The mix is reasonably tight, the duo proving their mixing credentials and selecta skills. Slow, deeply pensive, with hollow drums, deep atmospheric tones and creeping wobble bass in Caspa’s ‘Born to do it’, moving onto the blissfully melancholic ‘Cockney Violin’, it’s deep wave has been winning producers over everywhere.

But the beautiful Sub is pushed aside, making way for the tear out, rapid electrical storm of Rusko’s synth fest ‘Jahova’. Through rippers like Caspa’s ‘Terminator’ and Distance’s high pitched saw wave on ‘Chest Plate’, the mix turns into a standard ragging fest. This stuff’s great in the right context, but it’s purely for those massive crowds, craving an instant EQ’d bass fixing. The tunes pampered are mostly great on their own, but this sort of mix, like that of popular DJ N-Type, belongs strictly on the floor. For many though, it’s the sound of what’s going on.

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