Camp Actor – Warmer

Manic yet vibrant electro

Whilst lots of stylish electro has become so cold and minimal it sounds like someone banging a toy hammer against a Pinball Machine every nine seconds, there are some acts out there more concerned with melodies and such things.

Camp Actor, chiefly Justin James and Marlow, produce manic yet vibrant electro more in vein of the latter camp. ‘Warmer’ sees Justin James in more vocal form, spitting warbles over slick ‘Tronica stomps. ‘Semi Detached Soul’ rumbles along with camp abandon (Hot Chip in a Tutu?), before turning into the kind of horn-doused Electroclash monster The Human League should be unleashing today. ‘Get Hold Of This!’ meanwhile is Adam Ant gurning lyrical bullets in a Berlin warehouse rave-oddly ace in other words. Dance like it’s 1988, baby.

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