Camille Jansen – The Loose Screws

A dose of timeless cool...

Being a distinct artist is becoming harder than ever among today’s saturated pool of musicians. But French-British artist Camille Jansen knows a thing or two about standing out. With Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen soundtracking the road trips of her youth, her innate blend of  folk, country, and experimental rock forms her signature sound. It stretches right back to her entrancing 2020 debut single ‘Louise’ and is also matched with her love for vintage fashion and sustainability, gaining her notable recognition in the fashion world and even the title of “the acme of cool”.

But to be cool, things can’t always stay the same as before. As such, Jansen’s new music is her rawest to date. Harnessing her trademark introspective lyrics with live, analogue sounding production, ‘The Loose Screws’ forms a fascinating insight into her intuitive psyche that’s understated, yet stylishly delivered. Opener ‘Loose Screw’ sets the tone with its bold guitars and swaggering rhythms, bolstered with help of collaborator Devon Ross and showcasing the two rising female artists synergising their talent in the largely male-dominated rock pool.

The repeated vocal mantra of ‘Rocky Revolution’, delivered in a slick country twang, symbolises the duality of Jansen’s curiosity and isolation with the world perfectly: “Why did I open my eyes? / There ain’t much loving going round.” Further lyrical highlights come in the drawling, spoken-word infused ‘Take A Little Off My Plate’ which sees Jansen explore her roots to better understand herself, whilst ‘The Ballad of A Missing Woman’ – based on a real-life true crime story – posits her vocals front and centre for a rollicking, bar tavern inspired album closer.

However, there is one moment which sums up ‘The Loose Screws’ best. Whilst sonically more aligned with her dreamy back catalogue, ‘The Right Time’ embodies the essence of Jansen’s new album entirely, with her lyrics navigating the crux between searching for life’s answers and explanations, to accepting fate and ultimately moving forward with self-growth at the forefront.

Who’d have thought that some good-old fashioned rock music and insightful lyrics could be cool in 2024… C’est très chic, non?


Words: Jamie Wilde

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