Insolence has never been so fun
Cage The Elephant - Thank You, Happy Birthday

When the Bowling Green, Kentucky, quintet first blast through the UK, it was difficult not to notice them. Loud, brash, wild and hugely captivating, their live performances were hard to fault. Their debut album, which captured their raw, primal guitar-heavy vibe, barely scraped into the Top 40 here. This, their second has already topped the charts over in the US. Why? Well, it’s exuberant, bratty and crushingly relentless. It’s also slightly more mature, with crunching riffs and post-punk influences shining through. Matthew Shultz, screaming like a mini-Iggy, is rowdily captivating, his lyrics deeper than you think. Insolence has never been so fun.


Words by CC Baxter


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