...the house-master of the new school

Apart from the (thankfully) brief hip-house scene in the early 90s, rap and dance music have remained almost entirely separate.

Separate until now, that is. Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon has earned a reputation as one of the most forward thinking musical alchemists in American hip hop, and on this single he brings some prime era Frankie Knuckles beats along for the ride. His fluid rhymes flow over some chunky ‘88 style electronics (including klaxons) proving that Cadence Weapon is the house-master of the new school.

Taken from new album “Afterparty Babies”, this single is an explosive demonstration of the rapper’s talents, both sonically and lyrically it incorporates elements of the past to create a track that blazes towards the future. After working underground for so long it seemed at times as if Cadence Weapon would never break through to the mainstream. But on deadly tracks such as this, it looks like this weapon is loaded.


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