A salacious docudrama

This salacious docudrama focuses on the life of sixteen-year-old Chelsea Magan and the weeks leading up to and following her auctioning her virginity on Ebay.

Filmed in two parts, the first as a faux-documentary style video diary and the second as a straight narrative drama, this film intentionally blurs the line between fiction and reality and spins the same tale in two very different formats.

The complexities and anxieties of the self-harming protagonist paint a revealing and disturbing picture of a label-crazed and emotionally fraught culture in which several mitigating circumstances contribute to answering the question of how this could be allowed this to happen.

By contrasting obvious immaturities in Chelsea with her occasional drug use and desire to own everything on the fashion pages, director Antonio Campos looks at factors of life that encumber childhood and in turn the repercussions of a society in which everything has its price.

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