Not a record to be taken seriously...
'Half Way There'

Bubblegum pop, exaggerated-Americana vocals, the soundtrack to many a millenial’s youth, Busted are what they are, and on ‘Half Way There’, they’ve completely accepted that. Initially, their reunion was embraced with open arms, but then Busted released a new album… and then another. If ‘Night Driver’ was their attempt to move on, ‘Half Way There’ is an acknowledgement it didn’t work. 

Returning to their winning formula, this is the cheesy pop-punk we know and love, or rather, know and loved. Each track’s a nod to the past, with comfortingly familiar riffs and hooks, whilst lyrics reflect on what could’ve been as the band long for the old days. There’s a handful of attempts to offer something new, but it’s predominantly business as usual. But what more did you expect?

This isn’t the band to listen to for pioneering sonic experimentation or playful lyricism: they are what they are, or rather what they were. Busted were never taken too seriously, why start now?


Words: Johnny Rogerson

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