Has its moments
Buraka Som Sistema - Komba

“I’m like... I’m like hypnotised!” shouts some guy on the Portuguese “prog kuduro” band’s latest. If you’ve heard ‘Sound Of Kudoro’, their 2008 hit, you’ll know what to expect: a riotous carnival of party beats, Angolan rhythms and stabby synths. And so it goes, albeit less effectively. It has its moments: ‘Up All Night’ skirts close to Euro-pop, but is fun, while ‘Voodoo Love’ has a bit of soul. But that carnival sound is often more fairground bumper car rave and ‘Hangover’, with its stuttering vocals (“nyeh-nyeh-nyeh-nyeh-nyeh!”), sounds like Rap Cat. Meh. It’s alright, but I’m like... I’m like a bit bored, actually.



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