Culture clashes and jellyfish

Jellyfish and cross-generational culture clashes aren’t the most likely of topics for a single film but they prevail throughout Bright Future.

It follows two friends who work in a factory, Yuji, a dreaming optimist and Mamoru, a tougher soul whose pet jellyfish appears to be his sole love in life. Mamoru’s dark side erupts and in a fit of rage, he slaughters the factory manager as well as his family. With Mamoru subsequently sentenced to execution, Yuji is left to care for the jellyfish with unlikely results.

Bright Future’s style is distinctive. Heavily laded with metaphors occasionally immediate but often baffling obtuse and filmed in a greying, almost monochromatic light, it borders on alienating at times. Those who can persist will be greeted with a quietly intriguing experience that will provoke debate as to its true meaning. It might not be escapist, aside from the serene beauty of the jellyfish, but there’s plenty to analyse and debate.

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