A detached and sterile return that simply fails as an engaging spectacle...
'Galvany Street'

Hailed as a new beginning and recruiting vocalist Craig Walker, Booka Shade’s arena-sized, Euro electro-pop never builds on first impressions.

A really, really average display of songwriting and performance, whose guests help cross the loose geezer-ness of Shaun Ryder (‘Babylon’), Babylon Zoo or Darren Styles doing cyberpunk, ‘Galvany Street’ is terminally one-paced, the predictable widescreen, soundtrack-seeking spec added to by an even more inevitable, rock-lite edge.

Even when being deliberately detached and sterile, in turn making it a struggle to strike a vibrant parallel of note, it simply fails as an engaging spectacle.

You imagine all three in Matrix get-up of shades and long leather coats: against the band claiming “2017 is the perfect time for a new start and to mix things up", after album upon album of quality house and electronics, this is not one to get lost in.


Words: Matt Oliver

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