South African prog-rockers

Following the release of electric debut E.P. ‘Mystery’ earlier this year, music industry hawks have been craning their necks to catch a whiff of what these four South African prog-rockers have been cooking.

With a live reputation enhanced by Tshepang Ramoba’s intoxicating and intricate drumming, it’s disappointing to discover his talents doused in reverb and pushed to the back of this occasionally beautiful, but primarily psychedelic album in favour of incidental noise.

Nevertheless, infected with positively chaotic vibes, ‘Molalatadi’ and superior ‘Banna Ba Modimo’ feature a Hypnotic Brass Ensemble on sparkling form. Creating oppressively haunting atmospheres on the ethereal ‘Cursor’ and acoustic ‘Standby’, the band incorporate the blisteringly complex rhythms and language of their native South Africa across ‘After Robots’ to paint a muddled portrait that belies their ferocious live show.


Words by Ash Akhtar


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