...something quite timeless.

Lazarus (Samuel L. Jackson) and Rae (Christina Ricci) have got a bad case of the blues.

When Lazarus married he played the blues with a style that made him a local legend, but that was lost to religion and married life. With his wife having left him, Lazarus is a lost soul. Rae has demons of her own, but life with Ronnie (Justin Timberlake) has balanced her extremities. However, when Ronnie leaves town, Rae’s demons re-emerge. When Lazarus finds Rae battered and bruised, his methods of helping her are unconventional to say the least.

Black Snake Moan is an unusual experience; the music, the location and the biblical overtones of the plot all contribute to something quite timeless. Jackson’s performance is typically strong whilst Timberlake’s contribution suggests that acting is a serious pursuit for him rather than an exercise in brand expansion. But it’s Ricci in her finest moment to date that is the soul of Black Snake Moan – sexual, complex, yet full of love.

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